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UltraVine™ Advance RCS Day Cream - 50ml

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We are proud to add that this product was a finalist in the 2012 Fairlady Best of Beauty Awards.

Description :

A velvety textured cream containing actives which help offer a complete skin protection to minimise the effects of extrinsic and intrinsic ageing.The UltraVine Advance RCS Day Cream contains a tetrapeptide, amongst many other active ingredients, that not only prevents the damage caused directly or indirectly by UV radiation to DNA and proteins, thus minimising photo-ageing, but also promotes the skin’s DNA repair system capacity.

Additionally, it includes a plant based cosmetic active which offers a soft and velvety touch through the use of petals obtained from white flowers, Pale Rose, Jasmine and Daisy, ultimately leaving your skin smooth and soft. Add to that an important ingredient that helps attract, retain and add moisture to the skin whilst scavenging free radicals.

Directions to use :

Apply in the morning to the face and neck, over the UltraVine™ Advance RNS Concentrate.

Important Ingredients :

PreventhaliaTM ( Tetra-Peptide )
-Repairs UV Damage,while protecting against further damage
-protects the skin’s DNA,fights lines and wrinkles.
-Promotes healing and the skin’s ability to repairs itself
-protects the skin against free radical damage ( RCS scavenger )
Hylasome  ® EG10
-Highly Mositurising-Forms a film on the skin and delivers this water over time
Whitesense Flower Complex ( Velvety feel. Eliminating roughness and dryness )
Aloe Ferox Leaf extract, Grapeseed extract, Vitamin E, Pinotage Grapeseed Oil,Lavender Essential Oil, Lavender essential Oil,Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil


产品描述 :


UltraVine™ Advance RNS RCS日霜包含四肽以及许多其他活性成分,不仅可以防止紫外线直接或间接对肌肤DNA和蛋白质造成的损害,从而使光老化伤害值降低至最小化,还可以提高皮肤DNA修复系统能力。此外,它还包含一种植物基化妆品活性物质,通过使用从白花,淡玫瑰,茉莉和雏菊中获得的花瓣,提供柔软触感,使您的皮肤光滑柔软。此外,重要的成分还有助于清除皮肤上的自由基,同时滋润并防止水分蒸发。

使用说明 :

使用于早上;在 UltraVine™ Advance RNS精华液后使用,涂抹于面部和颈部。


Hylasome  ® EG10
-新一代的玻尿酸; 高度保湿,在皮肤上 形成薄膜,并随着时间的流逝而输送水分。
-相较于普通玻尿酸拥有4倍高效抵御氧化,5倍超级保湿, 56倍高效锁水。

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