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Merlot Bath and Shower Gel - 500ml

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Description :

A super hydrating PH balanced body wash that leaves your skin feeling soft and clean. The ‘Pick Me Up’ blend of essential oils allows for mental clarity and a refreshed skin, while Hyaluronic Acid ensures for a hydrated, nourished and luxuriously soft skin.

Directions to use :

Use to wash the body in a shower or in a bath.

Important Ingredients :

Hyaluronic Acid 
-Inner Moisturising Agent - ability to plump
-Strengthening the epidermal barrier function and reduce TEWL
-Reduces irritation and environmental influences on the skin
Panthenol-Pro-Vitamin B5 ( Hydrate with a plumping effect )
Grapeseed Extract ( Protects skin lipids - natural defense mechanism strengthened )
Marjoram  Has a aromatic scent, regulating and purifying )
Eucalyptus( Reduce swelling, relaxation of tired and painful muscles caused by increased blood flow )
Peppermint Essential Oil  Soothing body and mind, Refreshing )

产品描述 :

超级水合PH平衡沐浴露,可使您的皮肤柔软洁净。“ Pick Me Up” 混合精油的使人精神气爽,皮肤恢复净爽,而透明质酸则为肌肤提供了水合,滋养和柔软的肌肤。

使用指南 :


活性成分 :

Panthenol-Pro-Vitamin B5( 优越的小分子深层保湿功能 )
葡萄籽萃取物( 保护皮肤脂质-增强自然防御机制 )
马郁兰( 抑制油脂,香味是人愉悦放松 )
桉树 ( 降低因血流增加而造成的浮肿,松弛疲劳且疼痛的肌肉 )
薄荷精油 ( 舒缓身心 , 提神 )

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