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Brand Story

About TheraVine™

Where science meets natural beauty

The award-winning TheraVine™ range was launched in 2004 after years of extensive research and experimenting with formulations and ingredients. The determination and efforts were finally rewarded when TheraVine™, the answer to healthy and radiant skin, saw the light of day and unlocked the power of natural beauty and skincare.

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TheraVine™ fuses super anti-oxidants derived from grape cultivars with cutting edge active ingredients at highest percentages resulting in specially crafted, extrasensory products that will exceed your expectations in a health and skincare range.

TheraVineTM obtains its grape-derived ingredients, rich in anti-oxidants, amongst others from the South African indigenous Pinotage grape cultivars, which contain high concentrations of grapeseed polyphenols, known as oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC’s). It is proven that OPC’s are 50 times the strength of Vitamin E and 20 times the strength of Vitamin C with regards to their levels of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants in skincare products are vital because they help repair past damages to the skin as well as assist prevent future damage caused by free radicals. Thus, containing such powerful anti-oxidants, TheraVineTM will exceed your expectations of health and skincare ranges.

TheraVine™ offers a selection of 17 cutting edge facial treatments, 31 therapeutic body treatments and 6 signature treatments. Each treatment is designed to address individual’s skin, body and lifestyle needs.

With this in mind, TheraVine™ continues to base its growing success on the latest international scientific research, advanced technological active ingredients which ensures superlative product quality and innovation.

Our Mission

We made it our mission to design, develop and produce skincare products of the highest quality that will take you on an adventure of transformation and pure pleasure. Our main concern goes beyond the radiance of your skin and body; it goes about the balance and joy of your life journey.

We are committed to a standard of excellence, the best in customer service, professional training, and top qualified staff.

What Sets Us Above The Rest

Unlike many other health and skin care ranges, our products contain thehighest recommended concentrations of active ingredients, which ensuresoptimum results for all skin types.

We believe that using the names of cutting-edge active ingredients is not good enough.

– for a product to achieve results one has to ensure that the highest possible

concentration is included so as to give you a product that will transform your experience of

health and skincare and give you the youthful and radiant skin you have always dreamed of.

The heart and soul of each product range is the signature treatments which are carefully

designed to envelop you in pure relaxation and delight. Due to the highest quality of product

and the professional skin therapist’s specialised expertise in the latest techniques,

your skin will experience real changes and you will find yourself rediscovering youthfulness.

Our Growth

Our growth and expansion in a very short period of time are reflected in ourpresence in over 200 exclusive spas and salons throughout South Africa,

together with the appointment of leading international distributors to spas, salonsand top-tier retail stores in Poland, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, New Zealand, Namibia, Angola, USA, Canada, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Australia.

TheraNakaTM was launched a year after TheraVine™ and in many cases is used successfully alongside TheraVineTM. Many clients have made these brands their product of choice.

L.S. Enterprises is committed to the evolution of its health and skincare products so that what you receive will always be the greatest fusion of revolutionary science and the latest and best ingredients. A number of exciting upcoming products and ranges are on the cards.

Represented By The Best

We boast of highly experienced representatives and area managers.

They are available to assist and support you wherever possible, from addressing your daily concerns, to identifying business development opportunities.

Understanding that education is the key to a successful business, we emphasise treatment-, product-, and retail sales training. It is our belief that all staff should be educated and motivated so that your customers will be offered the best possible options and experiences.

We employ devoted training representatives who present TheraVineTM and TheraNakaTM courses across South Africa and internationally. Users need to pass compliance examinations to obtain TheraVineTM and TheraNakaTM accreditation so that the end-user can be assured of accurate and professional advice for the skin- and body care needs. Ongoing product and treatment training is essential to keep pace with our ever evolving treatments and product additions.

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