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Advance Anti Ageing SkinCare Set with Free Gift

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Value Set with FREE GIFT worth Rm 581

UltraVine™ Advance RCS Day Cream - 50ml

We are proud to add that this product was a finalist in the 2012 Fairlady Best of Beauty Awards.
Description :
A velvety textured cream containing actives which help offer a complete skin protection to minimise the effects of extrinsic and intrinsic ageing.The UltraVine Advance RCS Day Cream contains a tetrapeptide, amongst many other active ingredients, that not only prevents the damage caused directly or indirectly by UV radiation to DNA and proteins, thus minimising photo-ageing, but also promotes the skin’s DNA repair system capacity.
UltraVine™ Advance RCS日霜包含四肽以及许多其他活性成分,不仅可以防止紫外线直接或间接对肌肤DNA和蛋白质造成的损害,从而使光老化伤害值降低至最小化,还可以提高皮肤DNA修复系统能力。此外,它还包含一种植物基化妆品活性物质,通过使用从白花,淡玫瑰,茉莉和雏菊中获得的花瓣,提供柔软触感,使您的皮肤光滑柔软。此外,重要的成分还有助于清除皮肤上的自由基,同时滋润并防止水分蒸发。

UltraVine™ Advance – ROS Night Cream - 50ml

Description :
Enhance youthfulness with this rich night preparation containing a specialised cross-linked system with a slow release moisturising action. Designed to reactivate the skin’s cellular function and help reverse the tell-tale signs of ageing, the revolutionary action of Lipochroman-6 will visibly transform a dull, lifeless mature skin into a radiant, smooth and visibly toned skin
奢华质感晚霜,可重整皮肤的细胞功能,同时可通过抚平深层细纹和皱纹来改善整体外观。UltraVine™ Advance ROS 夜霜除其他多种有效成分外,还包含Lipochroman-6成分,具有革命性作用,旨在重新激活皮肤的细胞功能并帮助逆转衰老迹象,它的显着作用明显地将无光泽,毫无生气的成熟皮肤转变为散发光泽,光滑且提亮肤色。含有四肽,不仅可以防止紫外线直接或间接对DNA和蛋白质造成的损害,从而最大程度地减少光老化伤害,还可以增强皮肤的DNA修复系统能力。

UltraVine™ Advance RNS Concentrate - 15ml

This highly effective concentrate contains a powerful antioxidant ingredient designed to help protect the cells from damage, such as structural alteration of proteins, inhibition of enzymatic activity and interferences of the regulatory cellular function, leaving your skin looking and feeling younger.

免费赠送产品价值 FREE GIFT worth Rm 581


HydraVine™ Chardoonay Grape Mask 1pc Rm 155

Super-luxe Hydrating experience ! HydraVine™ Chardonnay Grape Mask won Best Face Mask in the Anti-Ageing Innovation category in the Woman & Home Beauty Awards 2020.超奢华保湿体验 !可锁住有效成分长达3个星期 !在2020年“女人与家庭美容奖”中荣获“抗衰老创新”类别的最佳面膜。

Description :

A unique revolutionary cloth mask, pre- moistened with anti-oxidant Chardonnay grape extract and Hyaluronic Acid which intensely help moisturise and ‘lock in’ active ingredients for up to 3 weeks leaving your skin soothed, desensitised and hydrated.
布质面膜全面留住肌肤水分,从里到外水嫩透亮。所含活性成分有抗氧化剂chardonnay萃取物和满满的透明质酸等等,可强效保湿和“锁定”有效成分长达3个星期 !能起到独特的保护皮肤作用,可维持皮肤滋润光滑,细腻柔嫩,富有弹性,您的皮肤舒缓,脱敏和保湿。

VitaVine™ Anti-Wrinkle Whitening Skin Booster - 30ml Rm426

Description :
Restore the skin’s radiance and vitality while achieving an in-depth anti-wrinkle effect through the powerful functioning of Vitamin C. Not only will skin appear smoother, but suppressed melanin production will result in a more even skin tone and you get the best of both worlds.

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