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Cabernet Body Lotion - 1000ml

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Description :

Imagine an anti-oxidant rich light textured body lotion that gently nourishes while soothing the skin, and you have TheravineTM Cabernet Body Lotion. Achieve that touchable skin with moisturising action of Hyaluronic Acid while essential oils rejuvenate and condition leaving the skin luxuriously supple.

An emulsion rich in nutrients and hydrating and revitalising agents which helps capture and prevent moisture loss. It is easily absorbed and leaves dry, irritated and stressed skins feeling supple, smooth and hydrated.

Direction for use :

For optimum results, apply to the body after a TheraVine™ Pinotage Body Oil using upward circular massage movements.

Important ingredients :

Hyaluronic Acid ( Inner Moisturising Agents )
Red Vine Leaf Extracts 
-highest content of antioxidant polphenols
-stabilise the edothelial lining of capillaries and veins, and promotes their repair to reduce swelling of the ankles.
Aloe Ferox Leaf Extract
-Anti-Inflammatory, Calming and Soothing 
-Stimulate immune function to heal wounds
Pinotage Grapeseed Oil
-Reduces TEWL and repairs stressed and damaged skin tissues
Wheatgerm Oil ( Vitamin E ) ( Anti-Oxidant )
Jojoba Seed Oil ( Skin Compatible - Moisturising )
Neroli Essential Oil ( Rejuvenating )
Panthenol-Pro-Vitamin B5 ( Hydrate with a plumping effect )
Tocopherol ( Vitamin E ) ( Retains moisture and restores the skin's natural skin lipids )

产品描述 :





维生素E [ 生育酚] ( 增加细胞的抗氧化作用,具有一定抗老作用 )
橙花精油( 嫩肤 )
葡萄籽油( 保护皮肤脂质 - 增强自然防御机制 )
Panthenol-Pro-Vitamin B5( 优越的小分子深层保湿功能 )
荷荷巴籽油( 滋养 )
小麦胚芽油(维生素E)( 抗氧化剂 )
维生素 E [ 生育酚 ] ( 增加细胞抗氧化作用,具有一定抗老作用 )

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