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DTX Pinotage Body Oil 200ml

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100% 天然植物萃取淋巴排毒身体护理油

一瓶 全面深层滋润 「 轻脂排毒 」体验肌肤柔嫩如丝

Description :

Helps lymphatic detoxification, dredge the whole body and improve the lymphatic system circulation, strengthen metabolism. Promote the removal of body toxins and the transfer of excess water ti the body and stimulate the growth of cell tissues, diminishing the surface cellulite.

Direction to use :

Apply Pinotage Body Oil to the area of concern.
Mix your Pinotage Body Oil with Body Lotion.
Mix your Pinotage Body Oil with Shower Cream.
Apply to damp skin all over the body, concentrating on tense areas using upwards massage movement.

Important Ingredients :

Blue Mountain Sage ( Use to relieve stress and promote relaxion )
Basil Essential Oil ( Soothe Muscle Aches )
Juniper Berry Essential Oil ( As a Powerful Detoxifier and improve immune system )
Rosemary Essential Oil ( Boost Micro-Circulation, Decrease fat cellular accumulation )

产品描述 :


使用说明 :


活性成分 :

蓝山鼠尾草 ( 用于缓解压力和促进放松 )
罗勒精油 ( 缓解肌肉酸痛 )
杜松子 ( 作为强大的排毒功能并提升免疫系统 )
迷迭香( 促进微循环,减少细胞脂肪堆积 )

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