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Aromatic Bath Soak - 400ml

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Description :

The perfect antidote to over-worked, tired muscles. Boosting sluggish circulation, the warming effect of this aromatherapy blend is particularly beneficial to recharge the body after strenuous exercise. Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Black Pepper assists with easing tired muscles while leaving the body feeling energised and revitalised.  An invigorating, powerful aromatherapy bath soak to help alleviate muscular aches and pains. Helps boost sluggish circulation and is ideal for both sports men and women.

Directions for use :

Add to a running bath of water. Lie back, relax and deeply inhale the aroma.

Important Ingredients :

Redbush ( Extract Relief tension and full of anti oxidant )
Rosemary  ( To help boost immune system and improve blood circulation )
Marjoram ( Has a aromatic scent, regulating and purifying )
Black Pepper ( High in antioxidants may help prevent or delay the damaging effects of free radicals )
Clove ( Antioxidants are compounds that reduce stress )

产品描述 :


使用说明 :


活性成分 :

红灌木萃取( 缓解疲劳,具有良好的抗氧化作用 )
迷迭香 ( 拥有能令人头脑清醒的香味,促进循环 )
马郁兰 ( 抑制油脂,香味是人愉悦放松 )
黑胡椒( 高抗氧化剂可有助于预防或延缓自由基的破坏作用 )
丁香( 抗氧化剂是可减少氧化应激的化合物 )

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